The Laws of the Asses


Dushy Ranetunge


Three vehicles carrying security types were spotted speeding to Kandy with scant regard to the road rules last Thursday. The registration numbers of the three vehicles were WP KC 2275 (Land Rover), WPC 2008/2009 (Toyota Land Cruiser), WP HN 4217 (Volvo car). They were regularly crossing the white lines and double white lines while Kegalle police looked the other way.

They were in such a hurry that the security officer riding on the front passenger seat of the Land Rover was displaying his pistol by holding it in his left hand and resting it on the open window to intimidate other road users off the street. This was a serious breach of regulations.

 This type of behaviour is a regular sight on the Colombo Kandy road. A few months ago when I questioned two traffic policemen who were standing near the Thirst Aid centre before Kegalle as to why they did not stop the speeding vehicle that was driving on the wrong side of the road crossing a double yellow line, they responded by stating that the official vehicle might have been in a hurry.

 Yet, this Police force, which claims to be "people friendly" is regularly stopping vehicles for crossing white lines and doling out fines to extract additional revenue from the taxpayers.

 When the regime is accused of human rights violations, apologists try to defend by stating that the Americans and the British also do so in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 Perhaps motorists charged in court with crossing the white line should offer a similar defence that the regimes goons are also crossing the white lines regularly and that the selective implementation of the law is a serious violation of their fundamental rights.

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