50 BIT Degree Scholarships for A/L students

The OpenArc School of Business and Technology is offering 50 full scholarships under its ‘Navodhaya’ scholarship scheme to students with an aptitude for Information Technology (IT) to initially follow a one-year diploma course on computer software development at its School followed by the three-year Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) External Degree of the University of Colombo.

These scholarships are open to students who have passed their Advanced Level (A/L) examination with three passes preferably with IT subject as well. The School is offering these scholarships for the third time to provide the best IT education opportunities to students who show inborn talents in computers and programming. The duration of these fully paid scholarships is four years – one year for the diploma course on computer software development at OpenArc School and thereafter three years reading for the BIT External Degree of the University of Colombo. After completion of first year diploma programme, students will also be provided with jobs at the OpenArc Systems Management which is the software arm of the OpenArc group.

This year too, students from any part of Sri Lanka who have the required basic A/L qualification can apply for these ‘Navodhaya’ scholarships. To create awareness amongst students and parents on this innovative and unique scholarship scheme,

The ‘Navodhaya’ scholarships programme has been launched by OpenArc as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative with the objective of producing qualified and competent IT engineers for whom there is a growing global demand. This ‘Navodhaya’ programme which is a government-approved scholarship scheme was launched three years ago following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between OpenArc and the Ministry of Education.

Commenting on the ‘Navodhaya’ scholarship scheme, Mr. Daya Hettiarachchi, Chairman, OpenArc Group of Companies said: "Sri Lanka is a country blessed with large pool of students who have borne IT talents second to none in the world. It is our professional duty to give this segment of the student community the required leadership so that these talents could be developed to world-class Software Engineering. We, the professionally qualified Engineers at OpenArc are dedicated to this noble endeavour".

He said that an all-round, extensive knowledge on computer software development will be imparted to students during the diploma course after giving essential knowledge in computer science to be delivered using London A/L computer science syllabus. Then the latest programming languages such as Java, PHP, .Net and Progress will be taught from the beginning.

The salient feature of these ‘Navodhaya’ scholarships is that students will be gaining 3 years practical experience while completing the degree. They will be totally different and much more productive at the time of graduation, Hettiarchchi added.

The OpenArc School of Business and Technology which was launched as an affiliate company of OpenArc Systems Management – the pioneering software venture in Sri Lanka providing software solutions to Banks, Finance Companies and many other companies. They who have done many software implementation projects at DFCC Bank, DFCC Vardhana Bank, Hatton National Bank (HNB), Seylan Bank, Bank of Ceylon, People’s Leasing Company PLC and many other key financial institutions. OpenArc has a 75% market share in the sphere of computerization in the banking, finance and leasing sectors.

For more information, about "Navodaya" scholarship programme, contact the OpenArc School of Business and Technology, First Floor, OpenArc Technology Complex, No. 120, High Level Road, Kirulapone, Colombo 6. Email: info@openarc.edu.lk. Website: www.openarc.edu.lk. Applications are also available at www.openarc.lk.

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