Chicken prices soar to Rs. 480

By Lal Gunesekera

Consumers are up in arms over the unrealistic increase in the price of chicken (skinless) sold in the open market. A kilo has now reached Rs. 480 whereas the controlled price is Rs. 350 (with skin) which is mostly available in super market chains and government-run outlets.

Numerous consumers complained to The Island yesterday that the only solution was for the government to amend the necessary Act and control the price of chicken at Rs. 350 (skin or skinless). They say that this was the only way to control the price of chicken from increasing anymore.

The President of the All-Island Poultry Association (AIPA) Dr. D. D. Wanasinghe told ‘The Island’ that the escalating price is beyond the control of the AIPA and that they could only caution the errant traders not to increase prices. He said that chicken is sold in the Ja-Ela, Kandana, Wattala area between Rs. 320 to Rs. 340 per kilo.

He alleges that the Ministry of Cooperatives and Internal Trade is not doing anything significant to bring down the price of chicken and that the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) is not taking this matter seriously, except to say that they will increase their raids against errant traders and bring them to justice.

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