CCTV installed at Postal Dept.


By Ifham Nizam

Postal Services Minister Jeevan Kumaratunga yesterday said steps would be taken to provide better facilities for the workers and recommendations will be made for promotions.

However, he said that he will not allow anyone to tarnish the image of the Postal Department. "Some workers have the knack of doing things as temporary relief but they do not understand the gravity of it," he added.

Meanwhile, he assured that mistakes would be minimized and a more secure and efficient service provided to the public, with the installation yesterday of the new Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) network at the Central Mail Exchange in Colombo.

The CCTV, consisting of 106 cameras, costing Rs. 8.5 million, will function throughout the 24 hours, covering all areas of the Postal Department premises, he said.

The cameras are equipped with high tech and are capable of automatic rotation, capturing close up images and storing captured images for over one month.

The Minister said that they have been able jump from 185th place to 86 in the Universal Postal Union’s efficient postal services index.

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