Nihal Sri steps up pressure on ‘economic front’

In the absence of a cohesive effort on the part of the government to fight waste, corruption and irregularities in both private and public sectors, author Nihal Sri Ameresekere’s latest series of books on corruption, fraud and economic crime is expected to inspire those attacking the government on the ‘economic front.’

Nihal Sri Ameresekere, recently presented his continuing series of books on combating corruption, fraud and economic crime, dealing with real case studies, to Dr. Timothy H.M. Tong, Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Hong Kong. These are to be included in the prestigious Library of ICAC, which is regularly visited by international fraud and economic crime investigation organizations.

A statement issued by Ameresekere’s office quoted Jayantha Dhanapala, former Under Secretary-General, United Nations, President, Pugwash Conferences on Science & World Affairs (Nobel Peace Prize 1995), in Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, USA as having said: "In a courageous effort to assert the democratic freedoms of civil society, Nihal Sri Ameresekere set out, as a private citizen, to initiate public interest litigation to protect the resources of the people from indiscriminate plunder. It is a dramatic and well-documented record of the true empowerment of civil society in the defence of the wealth of the people from illegal and opaque deals blessed by a democratically elected government in the name of development. The books deserve a wide reading public as an inspiring example of the power of civil society."

1.     "UN Convention Against Corruption – To Combat Fraud & Corruption – a Cancerous Menace, with mere Rhetoric, subverts UN Convention"

2.    "Colombo Hilton Hotel Construction - Fraud on Sri Lanka Government

3.    "IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation - Sri Lanka Insurance Privatisation

4.    "Derivative / Hedging Deals by Citibank, USA, Standard Chartered Bank, UK, Deutsche Bank, Germany, with Sri Lanka Government’s Petroleum Corporation

5.    "IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation - Colombo Port Bunkering Privatisation - Annulled as Illegal & Fraudulent by Supreme Court" 6.     "Transparency & Public Accountability - Fiscal Mismanagement & Lack of Public Accountability.

7.     "IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation - Pillage of the Plantations in Sri Lanka"

Beatrice Edwards, Executive Director, Government Accountability Project, USA endorses stating, "In total, the series is a comprehensive chronicle about combating economic crime, fraud and corruption in the private and public sectors, as now addressed by the UN Convention Against Corruption. For readers who seek firsthand accounts of the ways in which international financial fraud takes place, these books are invaluable. Nihal Sri Ameresekere shows how it was that a few well-placed people appropriated the wealth of a country while claiming to strengthen its institutions and promote growth. Moreover, He shows that to date, few have been held to account and that this impunity is in itself a crime."

Books are available from publishers, AuthorHouse US & UK:,, and internationally from leading e-retailers - More information :

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