Three Women on the Tiger Trail


That the LTTE propagandists of today know the value of women in their work is no different to the importance the military leadership of the Tamil Tigers attached to women who they trained as suicide cadres, to carry some of the most bloody terrorist activities in Sri Lanka and India.

That a woman can fool a person with tears, as well as their ability to move people with harrowing tales of suffering that may not be true is a well documented fact, which casts no slur on all women.  Just now the LTTE, or its so-called Diaspora wings in many parts of the   western world, are using three women who can spin some tales of unbelievable horror against Sri Lankan troops, all of them claiming to be eye-witnesses, and whose words are being lapped up by unethical journalists, human rights activists and even by jurists who are expected to apply higher standards to ascertain the veracity of statements by alleged witnesses.

The focus is now on the tales told by three women who have worked with and for the LTTE, for varying lengths of time, from several months to many years. They have participated in all the terrorist activities of the LTTTE, which included attacks on schools and hospitals, the forcible removing of children from parents to make them child soldiers of terror, butchering of civilians by the hundreds and the killing of a Head of State and a former Prime Minister.  They were never moved to tears nor had nightmares because of all this horror and bloodshed taking place around them, and most likely assisted by them. 

This would make them accomplices of the LTTE in its crimes that made many countries, after a considerable period of time during which they gave all the freedom and encouragement to the LTTE to carry on with its terror in Sri Lanka, to finally ban it as an international terrorist organization.  Such active association with a group of terrorists would usually raise serious doubts about their credibility when they level charges against those the LTTE was targeting through all its campaign of terror. But that is not the case today.

Today, Tamilvani Gnanakumar, the star of Channel 4, Vathsala Devi the widow of LTTE military leader Ramesh and herself an armed woman cadre of the LTTE, and Meena Krishnamoorthy who admits to having worked with the LTTE for many years, are the most credible witnesses against Sri Lanka and its security forces, in the well- orchestrated attacks being mounted by the pro-LTTE Tamils the world over.  They are today the last word in truth, in fact, what they say have become the Gospel of Sanctimony in the New Testament of Deceit and Deception.

Just look at the facts. Tamilvani Gnanakumar came to Sri Lanka many months before the armed conflict with the LTTE ended in May 2009. She overstayed her visa, moved into LTTE-held territory and claims to have worked as a nurse, for which she had no training.   As the conflict moved to its close, along with thousands of other Tamils, she too moved to the safety and shelter offered by the Sri Lankan troops. She was in Menik Farm for some time, was given facilities to speak by phone to her parents in the UK, and   allowed to leave the country as a free UK citizen, not even charged for her visa violation, leave alone her participation in terrorist activities. 

She begins her rant against the Security Forces while at Menik Farm, talking to an Observer and Guardian correspondent on phone, and once in the UK, expands on it until she is picked up as a star narrator by Channel 4 in its efforts to show Sri Lanka as the worst killing field the world has ever seen. Nothing is ever asked from her as to what she did when she worked with the LTTE. Was she in fact confined to doing nursing for which she was not properly trained, or was she involved with the women fighting cadres of the LTTE? Was she a comfort woman to senior LTTE cadres, which was not unknown to happen, and did she never see any child soldier being trained or in action?  These questions never come to the minds of those who quote her as being a tale bearer to the horrors of Sri Lanka, which she has somehow escaped unscathed. Mind you this woman, who fled for freedom to Menik Farm, speaks no word about how the LTTE fired at the Tamils fleeing them from behind as they crossed the lagoon to the safety of the Security Forces. Is it selective amnesia or a determination not to tell the truth, for that would shame the so-called Tamil Diaspora and Channel 4?

Next there is Vathsala Devi, the widow of the LTTE military leader Ramesh, who was killed in action.  There is no denial that she was  with Ramesh, whether that was his real name or nom-de guerre, during most of his fighting against the Sri Lankan State, the bulk of which were acts of terror and brutality. She now complains to a court in Washington DC of the killing of her husband, and also many others, and her plea is entertained by the court, which has an interesting way of having summons served. If you can’t deliver it in person, publish it in two Sri Lankan newspapers, or the TamilNet. Now what is the TamilNet? It is the acknowledged propaganda arm of the LTTE, from the time it launched its  campaign of terror; from when it was named a terrorist outfit by the US Government, and has been so named by many other countries too. She has also not been witness to any of the terrorism and brutality of the LTTE, whether carried out by her late husband or his other armed cadres.  She too never  knew how they  made human shields of Tamil civilians, possibly has never heard of  child soldiers, knew nothing of  Tamil suicide cadres and how they were trained, never knew anything of how  the LTTE gave chase to the fleeing Tamils  by shooting at them from behind.  She is a very credible witness, from, whatever standard of credibility that applies to a charge made against Sri Lanka, its Head of State, and members of its Security Forces. Vathsala Devi is another "terrivangelist" now included in the New Testament of Deceit and Deception.

And now we have Meena Krishnamoorthy, who is crying out loud from Down Under. She has come with her own version of terrivangelist tales as the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora gets hyper-active with the approach of the meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Governments in Perth, Australia, next week. This Bharatha-Natyam artiste is showing that she is better in the art of deception than stepping to the rhythm of Carnatic music, as she tells her own tale of terror, which she only saw at the end of her several years or more with the LTTE.  What a wonderfully moving story!

She comes to Sri Lanka more than seven years ago, falls in love with the man who was to be her partner after that, and moves with him to LTTE-held terrain. There she worked all the while, not a word of what she did, other than a passing comment of how she worked at some unnamed hospital that was shelled, but left her unscathed.  She has a different tale to tell. While others claim they saw the Sri Lankan military attacking the Tamils fleeing the LTTE, she   takes the story out to the sea. She stands out as one who allegedly saw the Sri Lanka Navy shelling from vessels at sea the civilians who were fleeing to escape the LTTE on land. What a dramatic tale!

Now, there is a simple question to be asked. How the hell did she remain alive to tell this  deadly story when the LTTE was giving chase and shooting at  Tamils fleeing it from behind and  the SL Navy was   attacking them with heavy artillery from front?  Did she not know of how women suicide cadres of the LTTE came to the camp where Tamil IDPs were being sheltered by the SL Army and blasted themselves and the Tamil civilians there? Could she have been blind at the time or was she practicing Bharatha-Natyam? How did it take all this time for this piece of naval butchery to be made public? Did she not know of it when the former Commander of the SL Navy was appointed High Commissioner to Australia? Or, did she suddenly wake up from a nightmare, when she realised that the earnings from Bharatha-Natyam could be bettered by being a terrivangelist for the New Testament of Deceit and Deception? What is even more surprising than her sudden revival of memory is that some jurists in Aussie land are taking her seriously, as are some sections of the Aussie Federal Police, too.

So here is the tale of Three Bloody women on the Tiger Trail – women who, like those monkeys, have seen no evil, heard no evil, and will not speak any evil at all about the Tamil Tigers who they all worked with, but reserve their tales of horror to satisfy the propaganda aims of those who still carry on a battle of words and media strategy to make up for the military defeat that the LTTE faced. Their struggle is to make naught of the freedom that the Tamils of Sri Lanka have achieved at last, not in a perfect democracy, but certainly out of the claws of the LTTE, including its feline cadres whose blood lust has still not been satisfied, to judge from  these voices of terrivangelism in the UK, Washington and Australia.

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