CID sent in undercover agents to nab killers

Karandeniya Killing


By Jayantha de Silva

Once the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) had identified those involved in the high profile killing of Dr. Priyankara Prasad Jayasinghe, in the Karandeniya police area, undercover personnel moved in.

Among them were a soothsayer, who had walked into the house of the two brothers, both soldiers, offering his services and a curd seller.

The astrologer had inquired whether those living there were currently facing trouble due to an unexpected happening. A senior police official, aware of the operation, told The Island that the reaction of those at the suspects house had revealed their complicity in the assassination.

The official identified the suspects as a Corporal of the Commando Regiment and the other a Mechanized Corps deserter.

The curd seller, too, had been an undercover policeman.

Following the September 29 night killing, by two motorcycle riders, when the physician had closed his dispensary for the day, the CID under the directions of SSP Mahes Silva launched a special operation to nab the suspects.

Their untiring efforts resulted in the surrender of the suspects, over a month after the incident. Convinced that they could no longer evade the long arm of law they finally surrendered to the Ambepusa Army Camp.

The villagers said that the suspects’ families were well to do people with transport and bakery businesses.

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