Police baffled What happened to billion plus rupees Sakvithi defrauded?

By A. J. A. Abeynayake


Sakvithi Ranasinghe, the master conman who defrauded a billion plus rupees from unsuspecting depositors, had been living in abject poverty – in a small squalid rented upper floor without even a chair to sit on.

What happened to all the cash – more than one thousand million rupees – he misappropriated? This is exactly what’s baffling police sleuths who arrested Sakvithi and his wife Anuradha at Navagamuwa on Friday.

The couple was handed over to the CID by the Mirihana police who arrested them while on a visit to Sakvithi’s mother-in-law’s house at Korakeiya Road, Ambagashandiya..

"We still cannot figure out how he spent such an enormous amount of money", a police official said. "He has nothing to call his own now".

With their two children, Sakvithi and his wife had moved into a house at Hekitta, Wattala about two months ago. They sat on the floor and slept on cardboard as they were so desperately poor.

Police said that Sakvithi and his family had fled to India after hoodwinking depositors and lived in Chennai for some time.

"We are also exploring the possibility of the LTTE, which was active at that time, identifying him and forcing him to part with his money", a CID official said. "With all that cash and publicity, he could have attracted attention".

About six months ago the couple had returned to Sri Lanka on passports with Tamil names, he said. "They had pretended to be Tamils to evade suspicion".

Sakvithi and his wife are now being held under detention orders. However, they are expected to be produced in court on Monday.

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