Gentle reminders from eye hospital to its patients

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The National Eye Hospital has come up with a method of giving a gentle reminder to all its patients on their annual eye test from next year.

The spokesman for the Health Ministry said yesterday that a birthday card would be sent on the patient’s birthday wishing him/her with a little a note at the bottom informing them that an appointment had been fixed for a certain day of that month.

He said they would be given a certain time where they could go to the doctor for eye testing. They would have to show the birthday card that they received and go for the test. The patient would not even have to wait in the queue for his/her term.

Patients who come to the eye hospital are advised to test their eyes annually. Especially those who have changed their lenses and have had eye surgery should test their eyes regularly. However a majority are either too lazy or feel that they don’t need the tests and wait till their vision is very poor or damaged before coming for a test.

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