Bed Head Ticket will reveal truth – Hemantha

Baratha Premachandra Killing:

By Mike Andree

President’s Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya yesterday submitted to Court that the most important piece of documentary evidence, the Bed Head Ticket of Duminda Silva, had not been produced to the Court.

Counsel Warnakulasuriya was appearing for Parliamentarian Duminda Silva, who is a suspect in the Bharatha Lukshman Premachandra murder case.

The information contained in the Bed Head Ticket would show clearly and without any doubt whether Duminda Silva had shot anyone or whether he was shot by someone, Counsel said adding that if the specialist doctor, who examined Duminda Silva, immediately after the incident, had noted and made observations, then the Bed Head Ticket would establish the innocence or guilt of Duminda Silva.

"This is specialist forensic evidence of expert witnesses and not evidence that could be varied to suit the parties concerned. It is unimpeachable scientific evidence," Counsel Warnakulasuriya said.

He submitted that the Court direct Dr. R. Gamage to produce the Bed Head Ticket.

The Colombo Additional District Judge and Additional Magistrate Prasanna de Alwis issued notice on the Director Sri Jayawardenepura Hospital Dr. R. Gamage to produce the original or a certified copy of the Bed Head Ticket of the suspect and the case to be called on November 24, 2011.

President’s Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya, appeared with Inoka Gamage, Indrajith Amaratunga instructed by Himali Kularatne for suspect Duminda Silva.

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