UNP to take disciplinary action against Grero

by Zacki Jabbar

The UNP is to take disciplinary action against Mohan Lal Grero who crossed over to the government yesterday and was tipped to be appointed Deputy Education Minister.

Chief Opposition Whip John Ameratunga told "The Island", that the UNP would exercise its rights by holding an inquiry into Grero’s conduct.

Asked, as to what had led to the defection, Ameratunga while admitting that there were internal issues, said it could also be related to Grero’s business interests.

When reminded that many UNP’ers who had crossed over to the government, have continued to obtain Court orders preventing their expulsion from the party, year after year, he said "Well that may be so, but we have to exercise our rights."

Questioned, how the UNP was going to stop the exodus, Ameratunga said "When the tide turns the sluice gates would open in the reverse direction. The cracks have already appeared within the Rajapaksa regime and it’s a matter of time before the cookie crumbles."

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