Sri Lanka HC in Kuala Lumpur celebrates Deepavali

The Sri Lanka High Commission in Kuala Lumpur celebrated Deepavali at the High Commission premises recently with a gathering of representatives of all communities living in Malaysia and mainly the Tamil community. Deepavali is the most significant festival celebrated by the Hindu Tamil community in Malaysia.

The colourful event was attended by around hundred and fifty participants including a cross-section of the Sri Lanka origin as well as Indian origin Malaysian Tamil community and representatives of the Sri Lanka related associations.

This event was held following a decision taken by the High Commission to commemorate the main religious and cultural events of all communities in Sri Lanka. So far, similar ceremonies were held to commemorate the Vesak Poya Day in May and Ramadan in October.

The Acting High Commissioner Major General Lalith Daulagala, in his remarks at the ceremony, briefly highlighted the significance of Deepavali or the Festival of Lights and how the diversity and variety of the cultures of different communities in Sri Lanka enriches the lives of the people of the country today. He read the Deepavali message of H.E. the President of Sri Lanka and whished everyone a new year of happiness. The Vice President of FOMSO (Federation of Malaysian Sri Lankans Organization), Mr. Gnanarajah, too, addressed the gathering on behalf of their Organisation. The attractions of the ceremony included a peacock dance item by the dancers of the Temple of Fine Arts of Malaysia and a medley dance from Lasya Arts, Malaysia. The buffet dinner served included an array of sumptuous Asian dishes.

The events of this nature help expatriate Sri Lankans and nationals of Sri Lankan origin of all races and religions to appreciate respective cultures of the motherland and demonstrate the continued unity that prevails amongst Sri Lankans.

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