‘The practice of rituals alone does not initiate the heart with divine love’



The message of divine love, which relates to the awakening and enlightenment of the soul, is relevant to people of all faiths, says Younus Al Gohar, the visiting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Messiah Foundation International, a spiritual organization based in the United Kingdom.

"People need spirituality, initiation of the heart and soul to love God. We have a methodology whereby God’s name must be implanted in the beating system of the heart and it starts to make divine light. When the light is generated within the walls of the heart, it then enables us to love Him", he noted.

"We tell people to go to their respective places of religious worship, but their hearts should not be empty of divine love. The practice of rituals alone does not initiate the heart with divine love", he said in an interview with The Sunday Island.

He said the Messiah Foundation International (UK), which offers all its services absolutely free of charge, is affiliated with Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi, who is believed to be Kalki Avatar, Imam Mehdi and Messiah. "We follow his teachings, which are for everybody. We do not follow any one faith as divine love is the core of all religions".

Al Gohar referred to instances where his followers had been persecuted by the authorities in Pakistan for their belief. It is not true that the organization is against any religion, but the understanding of the authorities there is that it is against their belief system.

Asked whether he can return to Pakistan, his motherland, the CEO replied, "I can’t. We are still being persecuted there. Just yesterday, 65 members of our organisation’s members who fled to India and remained there for five years were resettled in the USA and Canada, after the UN got involved and with the help of the Indian government".

"We believe in God. This is what divine love stands for. Divine means deity, which comes from God. When we say divine love, we mean God’s love. If God is restricted from spirituality, there is no spirituality at all. We believe there is one God and it doesn’t matter what we call him because there are so many religions and everybody calls God in their own languages. According to Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi, all names that allude to God are worthy of respect", he explained.

On the number of followers in Sri Lanka, he said, "I don’t have a count, but they are increasing every day, maybe they are in their thousands. I go everywhere; we have offices all over the world. I do travel a lot".

"My visit to Sri Lanka was great. We noticed people suffering from poverty and confronted with different problems. If more burdens are heaped on them, they cannot live in peace and work towards prosperity — they will just be buried under a lot of burdens".

On funding for the organization, Al Gohar responded, "We have an internal funding system. Most of us have our own businesses, so we fund this mission".

In Europe do you find a more tolerant society in terms of what you preach? "We are trying to contribute towards the restoration of a more tolerant society. We are not affected just because we come from Pakistan. There are also Hindus and Christians who come from Pakistan. If somebody doesn’t know who we are, then the chances are that they will be in a turbulent state, but as soon as they find out who we are and what we do, they will be relaxed. To those who know who we are, we are really welcome".

Asked about divine healing, he said, "All this healing comes from Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi, I represent him, I do not claim to own these powers. I have a method, I blow upon people with his name, and they get healed. There is no such thing as accepting a challenge and proving myself. It’s just a service, it’s not in my hands, and it’s not within my authority. There are many cases, in thousands, people are getting healed, and they are coming back.

Any cases where people had not come back? "I couldn’t be aware of that because there are so many people who come to see me".

To what extent are you credible on divine healing? "Credibility depends upon the number of people being healed and on the number of people being able to translate to this divine message. In fact, there are so many, in thousands now, who had been positively inclined and they thought this is going to change their lives. And it has changed many lives".

Asked about his following worldwide, Al Gohar replied, "We don’t count. The reason why is because we do not expect anything from them in return. We have no financial incentive to go about counting. It’s a labour of love, no matter how many people turn up or go away. All of our services are free of charge.

The Sri Lankan office of Messiah Foundation International (UK) can be contacted on 077 - 4976513 or 077-1604491. Website: www.goharshahi.us

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