NDB AVIVA Wealth Management invites savings

NDB AVIVA Wealth Management Limited is the largest private sector Wealth Management Company in Sri Lanka with over 20 years industry experience. The company manages over Rs. 50 billion, or US$ 500 million, of funds for institutions and individuals. All client savings are in the clients own name, with a custodian bank, which provides NDB Aviva Wealth clients with absolute safety of title, the company, with 20 years behind it, said in a statement inviting the public to save with it.

 A joint venture between National Development Bank PLC, Sri Lanka and AVIVA Asia Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, NDB AVIVA Wealth Management is independently owned and managed by a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals and assisted by top class systems. While the specialists, who are made up of Relationship Managers care for any client need, the Fund Managers, Investment Analysts, and Traders takes care of the clients wealth. The services team or the team that work behind the scenes uses state of the art systems to care for client document and transaction processing to ultimately deliver perfect client reporting, the company said in a statement. NDB AVIVA Wealth Management has revolutionized the Wealth Management System in Sri Lanka by introducing innovative, customized and sophisticated financial planning and management services to their clientele. Taking initiatives to introduce the concept of wealth management in the country they have created a set of unique  services enabling them to take the lead in the industry.

The company offers three defined services, segmented according to the demographic information of the customer. The Discretionary Portfolio Management service entails the Fund Managers at NDB AVIVA Wealth Management structuring a specific portfolio, taking in to consideration various client needs, such as risk, return etc. The client will also be privileged with a custodian bank account under this service option. "Usually the clients enrolling for this service are institutions with a minimum of Rs. 100 million of investible assets" elaborated Prabodha Samarasekera Chief Executive Officer of NDB Aviva Wealth Management.

The Private Wealth Management service is an exclusive service where each client is assigned a Relationship Manager and a Fund Manager who will advise and administer the portfolio based on various client needs, such as risk, return, etc. The client investment will be made in Equity, Corporate Debt and Government Securities through a series of "Managed Funds" (Pooled Investments). The investments will be routed through the clients own custodian bank account. In the near future NDB Aviva Wealth Management plans on adding many other facilities to this service, such as investments in Gold Bullion, to make it very attractive and a unique proposition to its clients.  While the above services focus on high net-worth individuals and organizations with high savings or investment capability, The Mutual Funds branded as the "myeaglefunds", series of four risk rated funds, focuses on individuals with investible assets worth Rs. 5,000 or more. "The beauty of myeaglefunds series of funds is that it offers the sophistication and the high returns to clients starting out with very small savings" said Ruwan Perera, Head of Operations at NDB Aviva Wealth Management.  A client can either use the online expert system, called the "Auto Wealth Planner", developed by the NDB Aviva Wealth Management or consult with an expert by calling an investment advisor to decide on the right savings plan. "This is especially helpful if you want to create a systematic investment plan (retirement savings plan) or systematic withdrawal plan (retirement income plan)" said Vindhya Jayasekera the fund manager of the "myeaglefunds".

Speaking on the success of the company Prabodha Samarasekera, Chief Executive Officer of NDB AVIVA Wealth Management said, "The reason behind our success is a combined effort. Our expert knowledge, professionalism, systems, services and most importantly relationships and the trust we have built with our clients over 20 years". He also went on to say that "It is important that we get to know our clients, their family and  their priorities as it is only then that we could create customized, long-term solutions".

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