JVP dissidents will not oppose police, land powers to North

JVP dissidents said Monday that they were not against granting land and police powers to provincial councils in accordance with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. Political Secretary of the Movement for People’s Struggle (MPS) formed by JVP dissidents, Pubudu Jagoda told the BBC Sandeshaya programme that if Tamil citizens’ demand was for police and land powers to be granted to the provincial councils, they must be granted.

Jagoda, who was earlier a politburo member of the JVP, said that the newly formed MPS had no faith or trust in the Senate proposed by the government to bring about reconciliation and answers to problems facing the Tamil people.

Participating in an interview with the BBC Sandeshya programme aired on Monday night, Jagoda said his movement did not approve of the TNA, but MPS too was for granting police and land powers to the Tamil people if that was what they needed. Democracy should be restored in the North. People should be granted their rights.

Jagoda said that the MPS did not believe in devolution of power would empower the communities but if the people of the North demand those powers as a solution to the problems, the MPS would not object to it.

The interview could be accessed at http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/check/sinhala/meta/tx/sin1500?size=au&bgc=003399&lang=si&nbwm=1

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