Carlo dares GMOA prove any wrongdoing on his part


By Don Asoka Wijewardena

Prof. Carlo Fonseka yesterday challenged those who opposed his appointment as President of the Sri Lanka Medical Council to substantiate the allegations they were liberally levelling against him.

Prof. Fonseka in a brief interview with The Island said various government professional bodies such as the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA), the Sri Lanka Dental Surgeons’ Association, the Sri Lanka Paediatric Association, the Sri Lanka Dental Association and the Sri Lanka Medical Association were unhappy with his appointment.

He said those associations seemed to harbour an unfounded fear that he would politicise the decision-making processes of the SLMC. "They are also of the view that my decisions in the affairs of the SLMC would be political and not independent. I challenge them to produce evidence that my politics or decisions have affected any individual."

"This is a democratic country and people are entitled to their views political or otherwise," Prof. Fonseka said, adding that he had been branded as a politically biased controversial character by the GMOA. In a democratic country like Sri Lanka the GMOA had every right to criticize anyone, he said. "Have I taken political decisions in the affairs of the SLMC? I challenge them to produce evidence that my political affiliations have influenced SLMC administrative affairs," Prof. Fonseka said.

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