Norwegian Tamil wanted as terrorist

"A 35 year old man living in Norway, who is supposed to be the new leader of the Tamil guerrilla organization LTTE, is wanted by Interpol for terrorism," Norway’s NRK TV reported yesterday

It said "the suspected man has been resident in this country since 2005. He is resident in a municipality on the West Coast, where he has kept a low profile. The government of Sri Lanka believes that man is the leader or one of the leaders of the remnants of the LTTE.

"NRK has talked to the chief of police in the district where the Tamil man is living, and he was not aware that a person in his district was wanted by Interpol. On the websites of Interpol it says the man is wanted for terrorism.

"Communications Director Trond Hugubakken from the Police Security Services (PST) cannot comment to NRK whether this man is known to them or not. On a general basis, he said that the PST does not start an investigation against a person who has legal residence in Norway, but it is suspected that the person concerned has made himself guilty of crimes in his country.

"Professor Øyvind Fuglerud at the Centre for Environment and Development at the University of Oslo, has a good knowledge of the situation in Sri Lanka. He does not know the person in question other than by reputation, but says that credible sources, he has been in contact with believe that he is the new leader of the LTTE.

"LTTE guerrillas were defeated by the Sri Lankan government forces in May 2010 after a strong military offensive.

"Fuglerud also knows that the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, last autumn, in a briefing on the fight against the LTTE outside Sri Lanka, had mentioned about this particular person. On this background, says Fuglerud, it is not surprising that Sri Lanka has now called for him through Interpol.

- Internal power struggle

"He can also tell that some sources talking about a power struggle between the remnants of the Tamil guerrilla organization. And the side that this man belongs to is less willing to dialogue with the Sri Lankan government than the other side.

"He also says that in the Tamil community there is disagreement about the importance of the man who is now wanted by Interpol. It is also unclear how many people support this part of the organization, and how realistic they are. The professor has the impression that it is a closed structure. "

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