UGC Chairman says IUSF convener is an imposter, not a student


by Dasun Edirisinghe

The University Grants Commission yesterday announced that the Convener of the so called Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) was not a university student anymore as he had not registered for study courses after 2008 and did not sit any of the university examinations since then.

UGC Chairman Prof. Gamini Samaranayake told The Island that the IUSF convener was an imposter parading as a student and misleading university undergraduates and organizing them to cause trouble.

He said that the IUSF now controlled by the radical wing of the JVP too was not a legal students union according to the University Act.According to Prof. Samaranayake, IUSF convener who introduced himself as Sanjeewa Bandara entered the Ruhuna University’s faculty of Management and Finance on 27. 12. 2005. He entered under the name Ranhoti Bandaralage Sanjeewa Mahesh Kumara of Vihara Watte, Kotagama, Bibile under the students number MR/ 2005/ 1287.

However, his last date of registration for study course was 08. 10. 2008, Prof. Samaranayake said.

He said that not only Sanjeewa Bandara, but also last two conveners of the IUSF too did not complete their study courses, but organized students protest showing themselves as undergraduates even after ceasing to be registered students.

Prof. Samaranayake said that those so called student leaders work for the agenda of the party.

He said that the IUSF was responsible for most inhumane ragging in the universities, while any form of ragging was prohibited within universities according to the law.

"Don’t fall into IUSF’s traps. Simply shun them", the UGC Chairman advised undergrads.

When contacted by The Island IUSF Convener Sanjeewa Bandara accepted UGC Chairman’s claims.

He said that his continuing fight for rights of students was the reason to lose his studentship.

"If a monk could lead a nurses union, why can’t I lead the IUSF as an ex – student," Bandara asked.

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