Unfit vehicles on the expressway result in 1,900 breakdowns

By Pabodha Hettige

Authorities managing the Southern Expressway say about Rs. 200 million is required annually for its maintenance.

"The cost will increase when the road surface maintenance is added as there would be a rapid increase in the surface maintenance due to a large number of vehicles using the expressway," Director, Maintenance of Southern Expressway, B.D.K Bandara said.

He said the private sector ventures would be contracted to effect road surface repairs.

Bandara said that authorities would also consider issuing fitness certificates to the vehicles using the expressway as at present many vehicles broke down causing problems to others.

For the past two months more than 1,900 vehicles had broken down on the expressway due to poor engine capacity, worn-out tyres and many other reasons, he said.

"It had cost an estimated Rs. 1.9 million for the maintenance unit to tow such vehicles costing about Rs. 1,500 per vehicle," Bandara said.

He said that a considerable number of accidents had also occurred on the expressway due to the bad condition of vehicles entering it.

"A meeting would be called with the Motor Traffic Department, the Ministry of Highways and other relevant authorities to discuss the situation, Bandara said.

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