Arjuna takes legal action against unauthorized image in commercial

by Reemus Fernando

Sri Lanka’s World Cup winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga said that he had to file action against a company of Indian origin for using his image to promote a service of theirs during the 2010 World Cup in Sri Lanka as he has never allowed his image to be used for advertisements except for charitable courses.

"I have appeared in advertisements only for charitable courses. That was free of charge. I appeared for an advertisement for the General Hospital to buy an MRI Scanner. I also appeared for a campaign to eradicate the use of plastic. You can’t allow a foreign company to use our image to promote their products without our permission," said Ranatunga in reply to a query by The Island after his case was heard at the District Courts in Hultsdorf yesterday.

Although Ranatunga had not appeared in commercials, almost all who succeeded him as captains prominently feature in advertisements. Asked whether he endorses his successors’ heavy involvements in commercials, Ranatunga said that he was not against players appearing in ads and it would be to the individuals to decide on the matter.

The Ad in question had appeared in several private TV channels and is said to have featured the crowning moment of the 1996 World Cup where Ranatunga was receiving the Trophy.

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