Ranil should be  ashamed, says Imthiaz

By Lal Gunasekera

UNP rebel group member Imthiaz Bakeer Markar yesterday lashed out at UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe over a statement the latter had made in Beruwala recently.

At a meeting held amidst protests by the supporters of UNP rebels, Wickremesinghe alleged that Markar had instigated protests against him by a group of inebriated UNPers.

Marker said he had been involved in UNP politics since the 1970s and he had neither consumed nor offered liquor to anyone. He said he felt extremely sad that the UNP leader had stooped to such low levels to sling mud at him. "I was saddened when he called me Medamulana Hewayalage Imthias," said Marker adding that no UNP leader had conducted himself in that kind of deplorable manner. He said Wickremesinghe had brought the entire UNP into disrepute in a bid to insult others.

"None of us were involved in the stone throwing incident at Siri Kotha and the UNP leader should not hurl wild allegations against those who did not agree with him," Marker said. "I am prepared to make any sacrifice for the party under a new leadership."

Marker was the President of the UNP University Students Union from 1975 to1980 and General-Secretary of the All Ceylon UNP Youth League in 1981. He became a DDC member in 1981 and was elected Member of Parliament in 1988. He functioned as State Minister in Housing in 1989, Project Housing Minister in 1993 and Minister of Mass Communication in 2001.

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