Attempt to kill doc and family: Analyst confirms presence of poison in water

By Norman Palihawadana

The government Analyst has confirmed that the water samples taken from the tank of the District Medical Officer of Sevanagala Hospital, Dr Chaminda Vitarana, contains poison, according to the Police Headquarters.

The chemical used to poison the water supply had been identified by the Analyst as MSPA, used in the manufacture of pesticides, the police said.

Early this month a labourer engaged to clean the water tank was confronted by Dr Vitharana when he found him smelling the water after cleaning the tank. The man had confessed to having added poison to the tank on several occasions at the behest of another doctor in the hospital.

The suspect was produced in Court by the Sevanagala Police and remanded soon after. The doctor who had allegedly instigated the poisoning absconded for a while but he, too, was eventually arrested by the police.

Dr Vitarana, his pregnant wife and their two sons had been mysteriously falling ill in recent months having been poisoned in this manner systematically.

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