Petitioner complains to Supreme Court about shortage of milk powder

By Chitra Weerarathne

Petitioner Sugathapala Mendis of Panadura, yesterday filed a petition in the Supreme Court complaining that there is a shortage of milk powder in the market. He had said that this happened after the rupee was devalued in the last budget and price hikes were introduced in respect of fuel and electricity.

The petition said that, only five percent of the milk powder consumed in Sri Lanka was locally produced. The rest was imported. The companies that import milk, had wanted to increase price of milk food. But the Minister of Internal Trade had permitted a limited increase to Rs. 264 for 400 gramme and Rs. 647 per kilogramme.

The importers are displeased with this limited price hike. Hence they created an artificial shortage of milk powder. This has adverse effects on milk power consumers of all ages.

The petitioner, requested the Supreme Court to order the Consumer Affairs Authority to introduce a reasonable pricing structure for milk powder and to prohibit the authorities from unduly revising the prices from time to time.

The instructing attorney in this application is Sanjeewa Kaluarachchi. The petition is to be supported in court shortly.

The petition had alleged that, undue price revisions were arbitrary and against the public interest. The petitioner had wanted the court to declare so.

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