India pushes for 13A in run-up to Geneva vote

In the run-up to the Geneva Human Rights Council resolution, Sri Lanka is under pressure from India to implement the 13th Amendment to the Constitution enacted under Indian pressure in 1987, diplomatic sources said yesterday.

But it was unclear whether devolving police and land powers to the provincial councils, as provided in the amendment, will be part of any arrangement that might evolve.

Meanwhile The Hindu reported on Friday that if India’s External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna’s parliamentary statement on Wednesday is any indication, ``India does not fully concur with the resolution that will come up for vote (in Geneva) late next week.’’

Asked by MPs from Tamil Nadu to clarify India’s stand on the resolution, Mr. Krishna said, "We are engaged with all parties in an effort to achieve a forward-looking outcome that is based on reconciliation and accountability rather than deepening confrontation and mistrust between the concerned parties."

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