Tamil Diaspora asked to return and assist their people

By Franklin R. Satyapalan

SLFP Organizer for the Killinochchi District Mrs. Geethanjali Naguleswaran yesterday appealed to the Tamil Diaspora not to use their money for negative action against their own in their motherland, but to come and help uplift the lives of their kith and kin who praying fervently to make "tomorrow a better day for the next generation of Tamils".

"It would be a meaningless exercise to talk about all what may have or have not happened in the past. I would wish to ask you all to put the past behind and look forward to a bright future with hope. I would invite each and every one of you living abroad to come and see for yourself the present situation, the positive side of life and I promise to guarantee your safety especially in my area of Killinochchi," she said.

In an interview with The Island Mrs. Naguleswaran said that today hundreds of Mahaveerar (LTTE war heroes) families were engaged in carrying out menial jobs to eke out a living, some were selling ice cream, some were begging by the roadside under trees without anyone to help them. "One must remember that there were 86,000 or more widows in the North and East and they had no one other than the government to ask for any assistance and remember no government could provide everything that they require".

There were three categories of widows, firstly some had lost their husbands in the tsunami disaster or in the conflict, secondly some had gone missing and thirdly some are serving long prison terms. There was a legal process underway to release those men from prison, she said.

The Killinochchi SLFP organizer said "every morning it is a pathetic sight to see these poor widows get up wondering how they are going to feed their children, how they are going to send their children to school or educate them. With the majority of these women having been married off at a very young age by their parents to escape forced conscription by the LTTE, the majority of them are without any formal education and thus cannot find any useful employment. Even those who are educated are forced to remain behind as they cannot leave their small children alone at home and go to far off places as Colombo for employment.

One must know that the government has successfully rehabilitated and reintegrated into civil society almost 99 per cent of the 11,600 or more Ex-LTTE combatants only a handful around 600 remain in custody. Those released have been offered employment or provided loans at very low interest as low as 8 per cent to commence a self employment or even offered employment in the Police.

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