Sri Lankan Medical professional on the Barak Obama re-election team


by Steve A. Morrell

Dr. C.K. Fernando, now domiciled in the US, is on President Obama’s re-election team. He said he visited Sri Lanka often, over the past few years, and he now finds the country in a rejuvenated position of enthusiasm and urgency for progress.

His recognition to visit the White House stemmed from his social development activities through an NGO he launched some years ago, which gained recognition of the Bill Clinton White House, as well as currently, of the Barak Obama White House.

H e said he left Sri Lanka in 1965, and was recognized for his knowledge in his field of medicine, through demand for frequent lecture tours, in the US, and locally, to Sri Lanka Doctors.

He said he left Sri Lanka at that time because personal progression as a Doctor was decidedly limited; and quite like most professional people who left the Island at that time, he eventually settled in the USA.

His family too is active in NGO activities and is now recognized as part of their work to help ensure that such work would benefit a larger section of people where ever such work takes them.

We spoke to him. His affable demeanor would explain his success in the US, where competition is intense.

Over the years he has been in the US, he said his time was productive and he could look back to having met with presidents of the US. Particularly, President Bill and Hilary Clinton, and the current incumbent in the White House President Barak Obama and First Lady, Michelle.

It was remarkable that his meeting with the President of the US, and subsequent work done was recognized. More to the point that the President himself had placed importance on work done in the sphere of NGOO that good relations established would garner recognition, that Sri Lanka was gradually moving into the financial world that placed this country in a position of recognition as a growing economic area that would eventually be recognosed to be one.

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