Part of Nuwara Eliya post office for tourism


By Ifham Nizam

Plans are afoot to turn a portion of the age-old Nuwara Eliya Post office into a circuit bungalow, Posts Minister Jeevan Kumaratunga says.

He said that the Department had taken steps to convert the upper floor of Nuwara Eliya post office into a place for holidaymakers.

According to Department officials, the British Colonial rulers constructed the Victorian-style red-brick building to house the post office in the picturesque hill country city of Nuwara Eliya 116 years ago.

The ancient clock of the building, a landmark of the city, is now broken. However, there are moves to repair it.

Nuwara Eliya, also called ‘Little England’, was the favourite hill station of the British who tried to turn the city into a typical English Village.

Kumratunga believes that Nuwara Eliya city, being one of the major tourist attractions in the country, could be utilized to generate income to the Department.

The Postal Department recently opened holiday bungalows in Sigiriya and Trincomalee.

The Ministry Spokesman said that those two tourist sites would contribute towards the upliftment of the tourism sector in the country.

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