Why Lankan army’s epic hostage rescue ignored?


Why is no-one talking about the Epic rescue of nearly three hundred thousand Tamil civilians held hostage by the LTTE? This was achieved at a tremendous cost to the army in lives, limbs and eyesight.

When the heavily – mined eastern embankments were opened up for the hostages to escape, they came streaming into the army lines and entry points for safety and succour.

These numbers are not imaginary estimates like the 40,000 civilian deaths being bandied about. These people were counted, names written down, registered, before they were taken to the shelters prepared for them.

Can any of our accusers say why these people came to the army if the army was killing civilians? They trusted our army. They were sure of safety. We saw it live on television. The tragic state of the hostages moved all of us to contribute whatever we could in food, clothes, toilet necessities, to the lorry loads of goods, media and other organizations were preparing to send to these people, to supplement what the government was providing.

Can any other country boast of a comparable rescue?

Swarna Ratnayake Nadaraja

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