Govt. won’t get away with  HR violations Kiriella

By Saman Indrajith

The government is very much mistaken if it thinks it could get away with human rights violation charges levelled against, it by the international community, by bringing up sovereignty rights as a shield, UNP MP Lakshman Kiriella said on Tuesday.

Seconding an adjournment motion moved by the JVP on the recent anti-Sri Lankan Geneva resolution, MP Kiriella said the government had mismanaged its affairs and that had cost country’s international policies heavily. "What is Sri Lanka’s foreign policy today? India is against us, the US is against us. Eleven countries in Europe are against us. Every government could manage affairs with India amicably, but this government failed."

The MP said that the government’s delegation in Geneva could not hide the fact that human rights were being violated in Sri Lanka. "Some delegation members even threatened the Lankan human rights activists on the sidelines of the UNHRC sessions. Over 33 persons have disappeared in the country during the last six months. When the US led international community questions these, the government has to give answers," he added.

The MP said that there was an impending danger of the country being divided and that Sri Lanka would face the same predicament as Sudan. The strategy adopted by the US-led international community against Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council was very much similar to the one they adopted for the creation of South Sudan. "If the government fails to convince the international community that the rights of minorities were protected and ensured, the international community would sponsor a South Sudan type division."

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