Dogs live up to their reputation, save owners from robbers

One canine hero makes supreme sacrifice


by Norman Palihawadana

Timely intervention by a canine friend named Lucky saved businessman K. S. S. Kodisinghe and his wife from two armed robbers, though it died after being shot at point blank range by one of the still unidentified intruders.

If Lucky and dog called Diki had not promptly responded to the threat, the robbers would have harmed them, Kodisinghe said, when The Island visited his residence at Kithanawalana, Mirigama on Thursday (26).

Kodisinghe said that Lucky and Diki had proved again that the dog is man’s best friend.Asked whether the wounded dog had received medical attention, he said that its life couldn’t be saved though it had been rushed to an animal clinic.

Lucky had been buried in their garden, Kodisinghe said.

Mrs. Kodisinghe said: "Lucky was a special dog. It didn’t eat meat. When we left home, both ‘Lucky’ and ‘Diki’ looked-forward to our return. Our cat ‘Tipi’, too, was friendly with the dogs.

Her husband said that when they had returned home on Tuesday night, the two robbers would have been hiding in the vicinity. The dogs had been shut in. "Immediately after we returned home, my wife released the dogs. As I entered the house, my mother was watching television. Then one of the robbers pounced on me. He pushed me against a wall and pointed a pistol at me. He demanded gold. Although I denied having any gold at home, the robber didn’t believe me. I knew another person was holding my wife," he said.

Asked whether he had grappled with the robber, Kodisinghe said that he pushed aside the armed person and run towards his wife after hearing a gun shot. Mrs. Kodisinghe said that both dogs had pounced on the man holding her. Under attack by dogs, the robber fired at Lucky and escaped followed by his accomplice who too, fled the scene leaving behind a terror stricken family to deal with mortally wounded dog.

Kodisinghe said that the dogs must have inflicted some injuries on the robber who held his wife at gun point.

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