Malabe Private Medical College (SAITM) illegal: MEP

The Central Committee of Mahajana Eksath Peramuna in a statement declared that as a matter of policy it did not approve the handing over of medical education to private institutions.

"The Committee, appointed by the Minister of Health, to probe into the activities of SAITM has in their report pointed out that SAITM which is now involved in medical education, initially had obtained government approval to award technical and management degrees. Then they have started the Malabe Private Medical College and has continuously acted contrary to the instructions and advice given to them originally by the relevant authorities. This has created a major problem today.

"The report of the Committee has clarified some of the distorted facts relating to the Malabe Private Medical College. According to their observation it is obvious that SAITM has acted contrary to institutional procedures, which are mandatory and also acted against accepted principles and norms laid down by regulations governing medical education.

"The Ministry of Health and Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) are focal points in regard to medical education in Sri Lanka. SAITM has been conducting their activities without instructions or prior approval of the Ministry of Health or the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC). The Central Committee of Mahajana Eksath Peramuna firmly takes the position that the government should intervene immediately to stop this dangerous and harmful functioning of Malabe Private Medical College (SAITM).

"The announcements made by SAITM, time and again, to the effect that the approval of the Ministry of Health or Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) will not be necessary to award medical degrees are made purely for business interests. MEP firmly declare that this as a dangerous and harmful trend, in our medical education and health service which has to be stopped immediately."

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