Govt. left parties rally separately

by Ravi Ladduwahetty

The Socialist People’s Front, the collective organisation of the leftist parties comprising the LSSP, the Communist Party, Democratic Left Movement, Sri Lanka Mahajana Party, Deshavimukthi Janatha Party and others will conduct a series of vociferous protests on May Day, calling upon the government to make a series of critical decisions in the current political context.

Protestes will leave Narahenpita Shalika Hall grounds at 1.30 p.m. and march through Vajaya Kumaratunga Mawatha to Kirulapone Municipal grounds for the SPF rally.

They vow to agitate till the government makes the minimum salary for the private sector of Rs. 12,500, increase the public service sector salaries to the anticipated levels, increase the taxes for the affluent to 45% and liberating the masses of burdens, forcing the government to bring in justice to self employed, provision of the minimum cost of living allowance of the monthly Rs. 6470, increase the food ration of estate workers and a fair fuel subsidy to farmers, fisher folk and trishaw community.

These are some of the criteria which were brought out by the Front at a news conference at which Ministers Tissa Vitharana, DEW Gunasekera, General Secretary Raja Collure and others,participated.

They pointed out the dire need for the government to absolve members of the Armed Forces of any war crime charges which are allegedly having taken place in the final phases of the conflict in 2009 at the time that a solution to the ethnic conflict were to be found and added that the government had to be forced to be implement the LLRC recommendations.

They also said that the demands of the struggling working class have to be met through agitation and especially in the context of the increase in the fuel prices and electricity tariffs, the devaluation of the rupee which has increased the cost of living.

They said that one of the primary reasons for the agitation should be the lack of the benefits of economic development trickling down to the masses and that government policies should be to empower the masses and not the super rich.

The need for the removal of corruption should also be there and also bringing in legislation to remove corruption and waste, the right to information and transparency as well.

They also called for the removal of the Executive Presidency and amendments to the Electoral Reforms as well.

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