Kidnap gang netted


By Chaminda Silva

 Swift action by Mount Lavinia police enabled them to arrest three members of a gang who had abducted a Guinean national and demanded a ransom of two million rupees to release him.

According to police, a Nigerian, Guinean and a Cameroon national had been living in a house at Station road, Mount Lavinia on rent. On the day in question, the suspects had arrived in a motorcar and abducted the Guinean national at gun point and taken him to a house in Udammita, Ja-ela.

After the friends of the victim informed the police, the law enforcement officers lost no time in travelling to a previously arranged place in Nittambuwa with the ransom, after calling the suspects on a mobile phone number which they have given to the friends of the missing Guinean .

The policemen who pretended to be friends of the abducted man arrested the two men who arrived on a motorcycle to accept the money.

On information elicited form them policemen in civvies raided the house where the foreigner was kept in captivity and on seeing them approaching the place the kidnapped victim and his captors fled the place. But police were able to nab the master-mind of the operation.

Later the Guinean national was caught by those in the neighbourhood and handed over to the police.

When the house where the foreigner was held was searched, the police recovered some counterfeit US dollar notes and took in to custody the motor vehicle and the motorcycle used by the abductors.

The raid was conducted by a team of policemen led by acting OIC Mount Lavinia police Inspector Gunaratna.

The suspects are being interrogated.

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