Manzil protests to President over Mahroof’s appointment


By Lal Gunasekera

The Chief Opposition Whip of the Colombo Municipal Council, M. H. Manzil, has protested to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is also the SLFP leader, against the ‘appointment’ of M. H. Maharoof as UPFA Group Leader following the resignation of Milinda Moragoda on April 25.

Manzil states, in his letter of protest, that only Presdient Rajapaksa can appoint the Group Leader, the candidate for the Mayor and the Chief Opposition Whip. He had brought this to the notice of the UPFA Councillors who were present but they had disregarded his opinion and gone ahead in appointing Maharoof to replace Moragoda.

Manzil says that he has represented the SLFP since 1997 in the Municipal Council with dedication and as Chief Opposition Whip since 2002 and is most suitable to hold the position of UPFA Group Leader.

Despite showing the reasons why he was against the appointment of Maharoof, 17 UPFA Councillors had consented to his appointment, he says.

Manzil states that since 1997 no one from the SLFP had been nominated to contest for the post of Mayor and he appealed to President Rajapaksa to appoint him (Manzil) as UPFA Group Leader as he has all the credentials.

Manzil also states that he is prepared to accept any decision taken by President Rajapaksa on this matter, and that he will continue to support the UPFA in the Council.

Manzil has sent copies of this letter to Minister Maithripala Sirisena (Secretary of the SLFP) and Minister Susil Premajayantha (Secretary of the UPFA).

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