ATrad introduces launch pad for self-service online trading

ATrad has now unveiled an online website to help those new to investing and also for those who are already investing in the stock market to understand the facilities available for self- service online trading and portfolio management in a nutshell. This is yet another first by IronOne Technologies’ ATrad Stock market solutions business unit. The Web Link directly takes the user to a wealth of information available online.

The ATrad site clearly addresses the needs of those ‘new to online trading’ and those ‘already trading and needing more assistance on how to use the online facilities’. The objective of this site is to provide user-friendly information to the general public regarding investing online on the stock market and specifically CSE.

For the general public who have not yet stepped into online trading themselves and therefore being potential investors who are new to online trading, the ATrad site provides a comprehensive coverage of queries that such a new potential investor to the CSE may have. It is done by also listing a simple 3-step process of all the measures required to start trading on the CSE, including direct download links of the application forms needed to be filled in. Thereby potential investors can simply walk through this simple setoff steps and start trading…

The ATrad site makes it easy for the general public with direct links to the online trading platform login page for the ATrad featured broker firm. ATrad is featured with 15 broker firms such as Heraymila, First Guardian Equities, Assetline Securities, Taprobane Securities, NDB Stockbrokers, First Guardian Equities, Capital Trust Securities, SMB stockbrokers, Lanka Securities, SKM Lanka Holdings, SC Securities, Claridge Stockbrokers, etc.

Lakmini Wijesundera, CEO of Asia Pacific, IronOne Technologies stated "Atrad’s key ambition has always been to simplify the world of online trading, and from its clearly laid out and straight-to-the point website you can gather that simplicity, clarity and professionalism is what drives this business.  We at IronOne, identified the need for such a site, which will educate the general public and potential investors. This was a vacuum that we identified where potential investors didn’t have a single point to visit to get guidance on specifically online trading. With online trading you have the ability to be in control of your portfolio yourself".

Tiranjan Bulankulame, VP of Stock Market Solutions at IronOne Technologies, ATRAD stated "The ATrad website features an Education Centre, which is a growing repository which explains fundamentals of stock market trading." He further added, " The education center’s is built with the objective of enabling current investors of the CSE to be more diligent and thus improving the integrity of stock markets where ATrad users trade in. We will be expanding this section over the coming months".

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