Hiru TV- a benchmark in the television industry in Sri Lanka


by Zanta Careem

Hiru TV, the newest addition to the TV channels in Sri Lanka, will very soon revolutionize the country’s TV industry.

Asia Broadcasting Corporation Pvt Limited will launch Sri Lanka’s first ever digital ready/HD television channel under its flagships brand Hiru on May 23rd at 6.30 p.m.

Hiru TV will be a combination of a general TV channel and music TV delivering more colour, attitude and personality when compared to the other players in the market.

Chairman Asia Broadcasting Corporation, Raynor Silva said with absolute confidence, Hiru TV will have unmatched reach and coverage. The quality and clarity of Hiru TV’s transmission is unmistakable and will give every Sri Lankan home the opportunity to see the best programmes bringing a new era in TV.

As in the past anything ABC does the expectation of the public is met setting standards.

Hiru TV not only gives wide emphasis on coverage, clarity of transmission and unmatched quality of programmes. "We have paid attention to culture, tradition and the ethos of the county, simultaneously introducing new technology and standards of entertainment.

ABC has been known for creating benchmarks in radio whether Sinhala, English or Tamil. They have the best radio channel, there is no doubt about Hiru TV.

‘‘We had the opportunity to have a glimpse of the TV programmes, at the press conference "I would definitely state that it featured some of the best teledramas focussing on a new wave and changing the attitude of TV viewers.

Hiru TV will be the single largest investment ever made to set up a TV channel in Sri Lanka for it is equipped with the next generation technology of Digital Ready and HD Ready, said Rayynor.

ABC is home to Sri Lanka’s #1 and most listened to Sinhala Radio Channel - Hiru PM; the #1 and most listened to Tamil Radio Channel - Sooriyan FM; the #1 and most listened to English Radio Channel - Gold FM: and the #1 most listened to Enlish Youth Radio Channel - Sun FM.

Hiru TV will feature six teledramas within a 2 hour drama belt: Here are some of them

Ektam Ge: Featuring a star-studded cast from the likes of Roger Seneviratne, Piyumi Boteju and Amila Abeysekara; Ektamge is the latest teledrama in Sri Lanka’s 30-year teledrama history, to be converted from a film to the small screen. Ektamge is produced by Jayalath Peiris and directed by Iresh Lokubandara.

Yakada Pahan Thira: Directed by Anuruddha Jayasinghe, this teledrama features a cast of 75 actors. The story revolves around a woman, and her constant search for the truth, her trials and tribulations.

Visula Ahasa Yata: Translating to ‘Under the strewn skies’, this teledrama follows the lives of people; all sharing the same aspirations. Telecast daily on weekdays, this teledrama is directed by Kalum Palitha Mahirathna, to name a few.

Blockbuster Movies

Hiru TV will also feature blockbuster movies, exposing the Sri Lankan television viewer to the latest movies, tantamount to international releases.

Other Programmes

Hiru TV will also add spice and culture to television in presenting programmes which will raise the bar in Sri Lankan television productions.

1. 17 Again: A poignant, yet funny and enlightening take on top celebrities and what their lives were like when they were 17. The show will focus on their lives, photographs and footage, along with stories from when they were just 17 years of age.

2. Cult Eka: An Art magazine-type show which reveals a new era in Sri Lankan art. This show will open your mind to a new world of creativity.

3. Uththareethara: A documentary series which chronicles the lives of legendary artists including as Musicians, Actors/Actresses, Film Directors, Cinematographers, Writers, Painters etc. who have made a significant contribution to their respective fields.

4. Niwaduwata Travel Ekak: Aruni, the host of this show, will take you on an exciting journey; ranging from the places she visits to the people she meets, until she reaches her final destination: a hotel set in a picturesque location. Here, she will muse upon her experiences, giving you an exclusive insight into a world of relaxation, adventure and hospitality.

5. Saroopa: A controversial show featuring newspaper articles which are usually ignored/bypassed, and not read by the general public. An hour of enlightening discussion about never heard before real life news items.

6. Aayemath Aadarei: An emotional one hour, featuring popular personalities who reveal their first experiences with love and relationships, touching on feelings and thoughts during certain stages in their lives.

7. Kaha Ira: Creating a profound impact on the music industry, a popular culture in Sri Lanka, Hiru Music will not only focus on Music programmes; but also non-music programmes; most of them being teen-oriented. Through Hiru Music, we will introduce the popularized, tested and proven concept of VJs for the first time in Sri Lanka, creating a new generation and a new revolution in music television. Our VJs will not just be television personalities, but also inspire youth icons who will represent the identity of Hiru TV, while creating a visible uniqueness among other television personalities.

8. Sri Lanka’s Most Desirable: In this celebrity chat show, veteran Sri Lankan actress Swarna Mallawarachchi returns to the small screen after 15 years. She will interview some of Sri Lanka’s Most Desirable Men & Women from different fields — from actors/actresses, singers to sports and business personalities, touching their lives and who they really are, away from the harsh glare of the limelight.

9. Hathara Waram: An hour of rib tickling laughter as Sri Lanka experiences real life home videos filled with instantaneous funny moments in their day to day lives.

Launching with islandwide coverage from day one ABC will revolutionise Sri Lanka’s TV industry mesmerising the viewers.

Pix by Saman Ranaweera

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