Lanka offers expertise to UN to combat piracy

Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN Palitha Kohona welcomed UN Secretary-General’s options for ensuring that suspected pirates were brought to justice and maintained that it was important for the international community to share experiences and responsibilities, through imprisonment in third countries and capacity-building in the States concerned, New York based media reports said. 

Kohona, who was addressing the UN Security Council session in New York, said in general a collective and more dedicated international effort must be made to deal with piracy and ensure that the global community was rid of the problem.

At the national level, in addition to deploying naval deterrence, anti-piracy laws needed to be strengthened and strenuously implemented at both the domestic and international levels.



Having successfully countered seaborne terrorism, Sri Lanka advocated on-board security teams on merchant vessels as a visible deterrent that could react immediately to attacks. 

He said that the United Nations should have a lead role in such efforts in improving sea security. He stressed that the dense shipping lane, south of Dondra Head in Sri Lanka, had been free of any piracy, in spite of heavy traffic in the area over the past 28 years and Sri Lanka stood ready to share its expertise and personnel that had kept that vital sea lane safe for international shipping.

Meanwhile, Martin Nesirky, spokesperson for the UN Secretary General, addressing media during a UN press briefing held at the UN Headquarters in New York, said that the UN Security Council had stressed long-term solution needed to get over the problem of prosecuting and imprisoning pirates operating off Somalia Coast.

He told media that The Secretary-General addressed the Security Council during its open debate on Somalia piracy. UNSG said that more could be done and he added that that would require political and financial commitment from Member States. He set out seven possible options to further the aim of prosecuting and imprisoning persons responsible for acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of Somalia.

In a Presidential Statement, the Security Council said it strongly believed that persons responsible for acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of Somalia, including those who incite or intentionally facilitate such acts, should be brought to justice. It added that it considers in this regard that the effective prosecution of suspected pirates and their supporters may deter future pirate attacks.

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