Thomian gentle giant no more



It’s now been one week, but none of us can come to terms with what transpired in the early morn of that fateful 17th day of May 2012.

For the minority of those who are not already aware, Wasim Thajudeen or Wassa, as he was fondly called, joined STC in 2001, after completing his O/Ls at St. Thomas’ Prep. Whether by choice or out of sheer coercion, Wasim followed in the footsteps of his brother Asfan, a key member of the champion Thomian team of 2000 and joined the rugby squad upon admission to college.

Whilst most of us strived and toiled to achieve mediocrity, Wasim was blessed with nothing but God given talent in abundance. At a mere 16 years, it was well apparent that a future rugby star destined for greatness was in our midst. Long strides and booming, effortless 50-60 meter kicks to touch were a hallmark of the ‘Thajudeen special’ that thrilled Thomian supporters from 2001 to 2003 and the die-hard Havies fans, thereafter.

Equally potent to his booming kicks was his character. He possessed the happy knack of getting under the skin of any opposition with his catty remarks and sly comments, which were always accompanied with a dazzling smile, much to the irritation and surmounting source of annoyance to even the most composed and collected opposition. So effective and potent was this behavior, that it even managed to irritate some of his own team-mates, at the best of times. But the plain and simple truth is that you could never not like Wasim Thajudeen, whoever you were or wherever you came from.

The years may have rolled on, but the child in him never grew up. He played his rugby in the same light hearted manner as he generally lived his life: always chirpy, excitable, malice free, content, without a worry in the world and full of the milk of human kindness, which is a scarcity these days.

They say that a true Thomian walks on a road as if he couldn’t care less as to who owns the road; Wasim was the perfect epitome of that line of thought and a blue-blooded Thomian, to the letter.

Wasim played rugby for S. Thomas’ from 2001-2003, and was the vice captain in 2003.

Whilst continuing his rugby at Havelocks Sports Club, he went on to represent Sri Lanka in both formats of the game, which bears testament to the true sporting talent that he was. He was hugely successful in his career in the travel trade, reaching standards of excellence well exceeding the expectations of a young lad of barely 28 years.

As great as his achievements were, they were far exceeded by the loving son, brother and devout friend, he truly was. The mass of people that gathered at Murugan Place on that fateful day and many days and nights thereafter, only reinforces the grave sense of loss felt by us and all of whom who have been privileged enough to have known him. Our thoughts go out to Asfan and the family during this trying time.

Whilst we struggle to come to terms with your loss, we can only console ourselves at the thought of meeting you again someday, before our Creator.

Until then…thank you for the memories Wassa…we will never forget you!

(The Thomian Rugby Team of 2001)

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