Bposrilanka.com provides six outsourcing services under one platform


www.bposrilanka - the website that provides 6 outsourcing services under one common name in the virtual world was re-launched with a new look and feel.

The newly revamped website www.bposrilanka.com will provide these outsourcing services under one roof.

The new website with its added features and easy to scroll options will provide the necessary information on Accounting, Computer Services, Legal, Secretarial Services, Payroll and Recruitment.

These six services; offered through leading companies MSL, ACSPL, LEGALINC and M&S provide the best solution to the customer’s varied needs under a common platform.

The website features the six companies and its services who all fall under the same Management and Board of Directors. MSL provides three of the services namely Computer Services, Payroll and Recruitment.

The companies featured on the website are;

Accounting Consultancy & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd - ACSPL, is a leading accounts and finance outsourcing company in Sri Lanka. The company has structured its line of services to best accommodate accounting and financing needs in an outsourcing perspective. ACSPL offers customized, industry-specific outsourcing solutions, full, limited or one-off, that provide the best fit for a variety of requirements. Along with them, the Company ensures the necessary quality, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality that make outsourcing a highly strategic management tool. Their thoroughly professional, personalized service allows clients to focus on their core business more effectively and efficiently. ?

Legalinc with its experienced lawyers not only provides outsourcing services but their work involves high-end legal research. LegalInc is more than just "LPO" or "legal process outsourcing." Their legal outsourcing work involves high-end legal research, analysis and drafting, as well as other legal services

Managers & Secretaries (Pvt) Ltd - M&S is a professional secretarial firm offering company secretarial services to private entities. M  & S provides company secretarial solutions to ensure statutory compliance with relevant current legislation in a completely professional manner that is individually designed for each client

With more than four decades of experience to its name, Management Systems (Pvt) Limited is identified as a leader for payroll, computer services and human resource service in Sri Lanka.

MSL provides a wide range of payroll outsourcing solutions to all types of businesses. Their personal yet completely professional services are cost-effective and increase productivity and operational efficiency of their clients’ payroll processes.

Through the successful fulfillment of executive search assignments and the successful placement of exceptional leaders and talent, maintaining utmost confidentiality, they have won the trust and confidence of the array of clients, both locally and overseas and strengthened their stand in the executive search space in the market.

MSL Computer Services is one of the pioneering bureaus in Sri Lanka to outsource software applications. Its expertise is in the development of software packages, providing IT consultancy, Bureau Services and IS Auditing.

www.bposrilanka.com has gone through a major overhaul. A more streamlined design, links to Common Management and Boards, and expanded information on the six services, are now easily accessible.

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