Fate of Sigiriya beauties worries Sanga

Rex Clementine reporting from Dambulla


Sri Lanka cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara said, on the eve of the Micromax tri-nation final against India on Friday, that the discolouring of Sigiriya frescoes had saddened him and that every Sri Lankan should value the world heritage site.

Reports a fortnight ago that following the application of certain chemical some of the frescoes had begun to fade disturbed the public.

"It is sad. It’s a very important part of our heritage, our culture and our history. Everything of that sort must be protected. We always talk about someone else, this one or that one has to do things, but I think everyone must bear responsibility for things like that. The ordinary citizens, everyone," Sangakkara, who has passion for paintings and traditional music, said responding to a query by The Island at yesterday’s pre-match media briefing.

"There’s lot of things attributed to the discolouring of the pigment. There’s talk of wasps being not there, different type of lights and all these things affecting the frescoes. I am not too sure what exactly has caused this, maybe the light, maybe the amount of visitors who go to see them. It’s our responsibility to protect our culture and heritage.

"Something like Sigiriya, which you don’t have anywhere else in the world, is important for us to feel Sri Lankan and be Sri Lankan. I hope that things are done to save the frescoes that and hopefully we can make them last for future generations to come and enjoy it," Sangakkara added.

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