Ban animal slaughter in temples – UNP

by Zacki Jabbar

The slaughter of animals for human consumption in temple premises, especially in a country which professes Buddhism and Hinduism should be banned, the UNP said yesterday.

National List UNP MP D. M. Swaminathan, addressing a news conference in Colombo, alleged that around 400 goats had been inhumanely sacrificed at a kovil in Chilaw recently, with scant respect for the teachings of Hinduism which prohibited the consumption of meat.

He said that his comments should in no way be construed as a reference to Muslims also, because their religion permitted consumption of meat, that is obtained after following certian religous rituals, to ensure that the animal did not suffer for hours on end.

Some States in India had already banned the slaughter of animals, and the Delhi goverment was also considering legislation to this effect. But, how is it that a Buddhist country like Sri Lanka had turned a blind eye to what went on in religious places of worship, Swaminathan queried.

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