SLC officials are set of puppets, says Arjuna


Airing his views at a TV talk show on Monday on the recent controversial TV deal between Sri Lanka Cricket and the Carlton Sports Network, MP Arjuna Ranatunga said SLC consisted of a set of puppets who were dancing to the tunes of their political higher-ups, only to ruin the sport.

Talking on the SLC - CSN TV contract on the showing of matches of the Sri Lanka cricket team, Ranatunga said the deal has caused heavy losses on the state-owned Rupavahini Corporation who had rights to show Sri Lanka team’s cricket matches for a long time.

"In 1982 when we played our inaugural Test, the cricket board had to pay Rupavahini for the live TV coverage. But nowadays, selling cricket rights of the national team is a lucrative deal. The govt.’s policy should always be to stabilise its financial situation. Therefore such a profitable deal had to be given to the state-owned Rupavahini.

"Everybody knows who runs the CSN. Therefore, it is highly dubious as to how this three-year deal was struck and that too for such a low price. We can see that the govt. has made certain that they have put a set of puppets in the cricket board to dance to their tunes," said Ranatunga.

Ranatunga further said a big chunk of the advertisement shown during the current cricket coverage on CSN has been provided by govt. institutions.

"This pathetic situation can incur a lot of losses to the govt. and the general public. People should know the real truth behind this deal," Ranatunga further added.

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