Cader get’s a `line’ over the phone


UNP Kandy District MP Abdul Cader who recently told SLFP bigwigs that a Tory MP asked him not to switch his allegiance to President Rajapaksa is now believed to have been hoaxed by a UNPer who had called him from London pretending to be a British politician.

The MP claimed that he rejected the British MP’s appeal as his primary duty was to strengthen the president’s hands in the wake of the recent general election.

Despite strong objections by the UNP, Cader, until recently investigated by the police for alleged corruption charge, voted in support of emergency. The UNP sacked him from its decision making working committee while Cader declared he did not care what the UNP did.


Ironically, Cader is on record as saying that Wickremesinghe’s decision to accommodate SLMC leader Rauf Hakeem on the UNP Kandy District list prompted him to switch sides. But with Hakeem now pledging his support to President Rajapaksa, the SLMC leader and Cader would be on one side. (SF)

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