Healed within two hours — Bipasha Basu bounces back to perform at Carlton Super 7’s

An untold story: Dr. Eliyantha White treats Bollywood superstar who dislocates her shoulder



The unexpected happened…. The timing was critical because the eagerly-awaited performance by the two visiting celebrated Bollywood superstars at the second and final leg of Carlton Rugby Super 7’s in Colombo was just hours away.

The atmosphere was tense that sun-bathed afternoon as the challenge at hand seemed indomitable. Ms. Bipasha Basu, one of India’s most sought after actresses, who was in town for the grand show that evening, had dislocated her shoulder during rehearsals.

Immediate medical attention was sought and the shoulder was fixed, but the pain was intense. There appeared to be no hope the performance by this pretty young movie star could go ahead, as scheduled. What a big disappointment it would have meant to all her anxious fans as the event sans Basu doing her part was unimaginable.

The crisis that had abruptly emerged was conveyed to President Mahinda Rajapaksa by his son Namal, the livewire behind the Carlton Rugby Super 7’s. With just a few more hours left for the performance, there was no time to lose. The grave situation warranted immediate action if the show was to retain its reputation as the ‘talk of the town’.

It was at that critical juncture Dr. Eliyantha White, the President’s personal physician, was contacted. The President himself asked the accomplished medical practitioner to treat the gorgeous Bollywood superstar and "somehow get her on stage" to entertain crowds that evening.

Amidst the flurry of activity, White made a beeline to examine Basu and use his expertise to heal her using the alternative system of medicine he practices. Everybody waited with bated breath as the success of the impending musical evening was now in his hands.

"Challenges are nothing new in my career", he smiled. "I was confident that she would make a full recovery to go ahead with her performance".

It was only a few months ago that he faced the challenge of curing 15 patients Opposition parliamentarians referred to him for treatment. After this feat was accomplished on a suggestion by the President, White’s name figured prominently in Parliament where members lauded his remarkable achievement.

Some of the patients cured had been diagnosed with cancer, severe spinal pain and Leishmaniasis (A skin disease).

The clock ticked as the medication got underway. The pain was severe as the muscles had stretched and torn following the dislocation. She could not even raise her hands, let alone perform on a public stage.

"The system of alternative medicine that I practice has the fastest healing power and as expected, within two hours, Basu was completely cured and resumed her rehearsals", White told The Sunday Island last week. "By 2.30 – 3 pm, she had happily bounced back".

He said that after the actress recovered, a knee pain she was suffering from was also treated on her request. "She was simply thrilled".

"It was amazing that I was able to recover within a short time following medical attention by Dr. White", Basu says in a SMS message to The Sunday Island. "I hope to visit Sri Lanka again as it is a beautiful country which I love so much".

She says that it was a dream come true to come to this resplendent island and also get the opportunity of meeting White who is "more famous in India for his miracles".

The celebrated actress thanked parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa for securing the services of the President’s personal physician to cure her and ensure the public performance went ahead without interruption.

President Rajapaksa was the chief guest at the grand show, White said. "What most people didn’t know was that this Indian heartthrob had suffered a shoulder dislocation a few hours back".

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