CEB non-executive staffs claim success

By Ifham Nizam

Operations Committee Member of the United Trade Union Front of the CEB, G.H. Ranjan Jayalal claimed that their lunch hour protest campaign was a great success yesterday as thousands of workers from the entire country gathered at the CEB headquarters in Colombo in the run up to the 24-hour strike by 15,000 members from midnight.

The strike by the non-executive staff which commenced at midnight yesterday (July 3) would go on till midnight today, he said.

Jayalal said that authorities had failed to come for a discussion.

Jayalal, who is affiliated to the JVP union, said that their action was purely because they were only given a 25 per cent salary hike whereas executives had got more than 50 per cent with the adjustments in salary ratio.

He warned that there would be a tendency for breakdowns during the strike that would lead to power failures.

Everyone has the right to strike but they should do so by sacrificing their day’s pay, Power and Energy Minister, Patali Champika Ranawaka said.

He said that the unions were continuing to organise protest campaigns and strikes but it had not hampered the Ceylon Electricity Board’s day to day functions.

Ranawaka said that his ministry would not give in to unreasonable demands.

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