PHI refuses to bow down to political pressure

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Public Health Inspectors Union of Sri Lanka (PHISL) warned that they would not be forced into withdrawing the cases against six persons in the Galgamuwa area, who had mosquito breeding places in their premises despite interference and protests carried out by two local government members from the area.

Secretary of the PHISL Senarath Bandara said yesterday that six homes had mosquito breeding places despite awareness campaigns conducted by PHIs, grama niladaris and police. Bandara said the teams had been compelled to take legal action against them. However, a protest was organised by a member Provincial Council and a member of the Pradesheeya Sabha who blocked the roads preventing the movement of vehicles in the town.

He said the PHIs had been compelled to withdraw the complaint lodged.

Bandara said the PHIs would not be intimidated into withdrawing the cases and they would be taken up in Court next Tuesday (10).

The PHI teams have inspected 151,256 places and have found 7,252 which were vulnerable to mosquito breeding. There was mosquito larvae in 1,246 places while a total of Rs. 4,394,000 have been levied from owners with mosquito breeding environs.

Meanwhile the Health Ministry condemned the incident in Galgamuwa and urged the police to take legal action against those responsible for the disruption of duties of the PHIs. The Spokesman for the Ministry said that several incidents had been reported where dengue inspection teams had been prevented from conducting inspections by residents who abused them, preventing them from entering the premises, and set dogs on them.

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