Rail track to run from Nanu-Oya to Nuwara Eliya

Don Asoka Wijewardena

Transport Minister Kumara Welgama, on a directive of President Mahnida Rajapaksa, instructed the Sri Lankan Railways management and its engineers to construct a new rail track between Nanu-Oya and Nuwara-Eliya.

The first train operation between Nanu-Oya and Nuwara-Eliya had begun in December 1903 and the track had been extended up to Ragala. However, the speed on that track was limited to 12 miles per hour. It was later closed due to maintenance difficulties. To make way for the new rail line, all houses constructed on SLR lands beween Nanu-Oya and Nuwara-Eliya would be acquired and new houses would be built for them, the Transport Ministry said.

Minister Welgama said that even the Nanu-Oya police station had been located on SLR land. At the same time a Central Provincial Council member had built a tourist hotel on a SLR tunnel. He would never allow any one to use government property for personal business.

He pointed out that he had delegated the responsibility to the SLR management and the engineers to construct the new track between Nanu-oya and Nuwara-Eliya, a distance of 11 km.

He had also instructed SLR officials to compile a complete report of the people who would lose their houses.

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