NPC calls LLRC report blueprint for national reconciliation, seeks new role

The National Peace Council wants civil society to play a key role in further developing the action plan for the implementation of the LLRC recommendations.

"The NPC believes that the LLRC report is a document that could serve as a blueprint for Sri Lanka’s renewal as a success story of post-war development, democracy and reconciliation.  We call on the government to further develop the action plan in consultation with civil society and other sections of the polity and to make it a people-friendly document and one that is accessible to the people.  NPC is willing to take the action plan to the grass roots level, Inform grass root communities of the plan and its process and assist the government to monitor how it is being carried out," the NPC said in a statement issued yesterday.

The NPC said: "An action plan prepared by the government with regard to the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission was released last week.  There are 91 recommendations that the action plan takes cognizance of.  Each of these recommendations is looked at in terms of specific activities they entail.  The action plan also identifies the government agencies that will be responsible for implementing each of these activities within a specified time frame, most of them ranging from 6 to 24 months.

By making its response to the LLRC known in the form of an action plan, the government can be said to have finally clarified its position on the issue.  Previously different members of the government spoke with different voices regarding the government’s attitude towards the LLRC.   The government now can also be credited with coming up with an action plan that spells out in summary fashion what it intends to do and how to measure that progress.   This opens the possibility of monitoring the government’s progress.

However, the National Peace Council is concerned that the contents of the action plan still remain beyond the reach of the masses of the people as the LLRC report itself is still not translated into the Sinhala and Tamil languages despite the passage of over 8 months since the report was released in the English language.  Neither has the LLRC action plan itself been prepared in a manner that is easily comprehensible by the general public or been translated into the two official languages."

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