Susil admits fuel testing standards outdated

By Saman Indrajith

Minister of Petroleum Industries Susil Premajayantha yesterday admitted in Parliament that the current standards and specifications employed to test the quality of imported fuel were not up to date. He emphasized the need to revamp and revise them.

Responding to questions raised by JVP MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake, who made a special statement on the issue of importing substandard fuel to the country, the Minister said that the issue had pointed out the fact that the standards used by the CPC to test fuel were outdated.

"We need to revise these and make them compatible with the requirements of the modern world. Our standards and specifications have not been upgraded for years. Today, many modern and sophisticated vehicles are moving on our roads. Yet, the standards used to test the fuel pumped to these vehicles are not upgraded. We suspect this lapse has led to this problem. The testing mechanism does not find any problem with the quality of fuel being distributed and remaining in stock. According to the existing methods of testing the stocks of fuel in question are up to standard," he said.

The Minister said a technical committee would be appointed to look into the matter and come up with standards to test fuel compatible with modern vehicles.

MP Dissanayake, making the special statement, demanded to know what steps the government would take to identify the cause for the damage to vehicles in which the substandard diesel was used.

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