Third joint military exercise from Sept. 10


By Madura Ranwala

Director of General Staff, Major General Jagath Alwis on Tuesday told media in Colombo, that the third Joint Special Operation Forces exercise titled ‘Cormorant Strike 2012’, which is to be held from September 10 to 25, was aimed at achieving various targets and objectives after the end of the three-decade war.

The main objective of the joint exercise was to improve mutual understanding among the tri-forces and to acquire and share knowledge from other forces overseas, he said.

He said that the joint exercises would be mainly for the benefit of the tri-forces with the participation of three other countries as in the previous two exercises.

This year’s participant countries are Bangladesh, Maldives and Pakistan. The observer countries will be China and India.

Maj. General Alwis said, "This exercise, including air, sea and land, would help tri-forces, Commando and STF, to enhance capabilities and maintain readiness to conduct special operations integrating with sea and air Special Operation Forces on a land environment.

He said, "The Exercise ‘Cormorant strike’ is a joint special operation that forces exercise with the army as the head force. The special operations community of the defence forces will come together with the aim of building capability and sharpening readiness in a land force environment as well."

The land area for the exercise would be in the general area Kadiraveli, Vakarai, Thoppigala, Narakamulla and Batticaloa.

The preparatory strike had already begun and it was being conducted in the area, while the actual would begin later, he said.

The joint exercise will be held in two phases. The first phase would be deal with main objectives like preparation, insertion, engagement, extrication. During the second phase, an infantry brigade will perform a classic conventional battle with a large scale penetration into enemy territory.

The participant countries will send eight-man teams from each country while Air Force and Navy will also provide eight-man teams.

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